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CreateMENA make architectural models

Marketing Models” “Learn More”]To help understand the design of a new tower block, building or development.

“Exhibition Models”  “Learn More”]To launch a new project to a wider audience.

“Design Models” link_text=”Learn More”]To help develop or explain a design to a team or client.

CreateMENA works with governments, developers, and architects to provide marketing, exhibition, and architectural models of any size and design.



Architectural models are a very popular way of communicating the design of a new scheme. They range from large-scale detailed models of new tower designs and developments to masterplan models showing an entire city.

CreateMENA makes architectural models from our facility in Dubai.  We make various architectural models, from sketch and stylised to highly detailed full-colour presentation and marketing models.

Architectural Models are the perfect way to communicate a proposed new building or development. “For Marketing Events”]An architectural model as a visual representation is key to aiding sales at a marketing or sales event.

“Design Tool” Models are an essential way of developing designs. Seeing a new design in 3d before production or construction helps to fine-tune details and finishes, eliminating costly mistakes on site.

We offer a complete range of models, from initial sketch models to design development models to design detail and presentation models.

We can build a model for any project, including product models, architectural design models, stage, concept stage, or final design presentation models.

“Design Review” We call design review models Sketch Models, which are usually made for in-house design review meetings. Sketch models form an essential part of the design process, helping both architects and clients understand a design idea in 3D.

Sketch models are usually white; however, we also specialise in producing laser-cut acrylic sketch models with a stylised look and feel.

Design presentation models are usually full-detail models showing every aspect of the scheme design in miniature. These models are very popular in the Middle East to explain masterplan designs to the public for the multitude of developments in the region.

Want something DIFFERENT?


Show multiple layouts from one source. Our Media Tables are programmable to communicate whatever you want to say.

Our programmers can access the media table remotely over a wireless connection to upload new software, apply a new image, or complete showreal. All without impacting on day to day activities.

Using a touchscreen, the viewer interacts with the Media Table to communicate unlimited information. Explain new road layouts or access points into a new scheme, all at the touch of a button.

Media Tables are moving images displayed on a series of edgeless flat screens. Any image, movie, or presentation is possible. Their adaptability and creativity ensure That They will always surpass the look of a conventional static architectural model.

Architectural Model Portfolio

A selection of work from over ten years of building scale models in the Middle East.

One Off Master Model Making with Short Run Casting

Our team of professionals create ‘masters’ using industry-leading techniques. Once the master is finalised and agreed upon, a silicon mould is poured, and several casts are taken.


Laser Acrylic Cutting and Etching

We laser cut a huge number of bespoke parts to make our architectural models. Laser-cut artwork is drawn from architects’ CAD drawings, so each part is an exact representation of the intended design.


Whatever the DESIGN, we can MAKE it

CreateMENA makes bespoke structures for permanent display, events and exhibitions. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

CreateMENA makes architectural models to the highest standards. We specialise in producing models that are a little different from the norm, so please get in touch to discuss your upcoming projects. We are always happy to hear from you to discuss a new project or design. We often work from basic sketches, so whatever the level of information you have, please contact us!


in a variety of materials including bespoke steel structures

“Public Art” “Learn More”]Bespoke steel structures for permanent display or events.

“Architectural Details” “Learn More”]Custom fabrication to exact specifications.

“Bespoke Fabrication” “Learn More”] We provide bespoke structures for marketing events and exhibitions, including one-off structures for hotel and office entrances.

CreateMENA are expert fabricators in a variety of materials; however, our passion is building bespoke steel structures. We work with public artists, architects, and regeneration specialists to provide bespoke steel fabrication to almost any design. Our bespoke builds can be used for Corporate and public art exhibitions, events, or permanent display.


We can develop your sketch ideas into a buildable solution. We relish a challenge, so please get in touch with us.

What is possible?

Anything. We have the skills and expertise to build any item or shape.

“Development”]We discuss your ideas and streamline them into a workable solution.

“Detail Design”]We draw the design in CAD with full specifications for manufacture. We build your design to the specifications agreed upon. “Portfolio” Contact Us

Bespoke Builds & Public Art

Our portfolio and capabilities.


CreateMENA did not build these examples of Bespoke Builds and Public Art from around the world but shows what is possible.


Our team of skilled professionals can accommodate any design. We carefully manage a project to meet deadlines.

“Within Budget” Our specifications and costs are carefully worked out to ensure on budget delivery.


10 Years in the Middle East


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